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Feminism, By Amy Poehler

For a while, I struggled to sum up how I felt about the recent spate of non-feminist accusations in the celeb world. Yes I’m a feminist. Simply, I believe in complete equal rights. Most people I know feel the same way. But the word itself is now often used as a weapon, battering those who say they’re not sure or that they’re not feminists. Which, confusing as their answer is, doesn’t seem like a very feminist thing to do.

I didn’t know how to articulate how I felt until I read an Amy Poehler interview. My thoughts echo hers exactly:

‘I think the media has gotten really into who likes to say that they’re a feminist so now the story has become who doesn’t say that they are one. It’s just another example of society pitting women against each other and asking them to compete rather than to collaborate. So, to young women who like to say they aren’t feminists, I wish that they understood what feminism really meant and stood for, but at the end of the day the story about who is and who isn’t feminist has now become very anti-feminist to me.’

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